What is Extramovies?

It’s a website which helps you to Stream and download in HD thousands of movies and TV Shows. All you need is a device like Smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop etc and high speed internet connectivity.

It’s user friendly and simple to use and understand for a common layman. Sorting can be done using Genre or year, even a search bar is also provided where you can directly input the choice of your movie or TV show and can see the results to select.

Now your favorite show is just a click away. It provides you experience of Multiplex at the comfort of your home. High definition quality with flexibility to either download or watch online. Play or pause as per your convenience. You have the choice of watching your content in one go or in Parts.

Extramovies Platform you can trust?

Since this platform is providing latest movies in HD content to watch and download online without a proper license or copyrights. It shows it’s into piracy and cannot be trusted; making it quite unsafe for users and the domain can be blocked by department of telecommunication at any time. It’s not legal to promote piracy and hence such website are usually unsecure and distribute varies malware into the internet connected device but then users can always make the best use of these online stuff by maintaining a privacy and antivirus software with them. It’s always suggested to watch and download licensed movies and TV shows so as a responsible citizen we should not promote piracy.

Will All Latest Movies be on Extramovies now?

No, all the movies may not be available on Extramovies but you can get most of the content. Movie releasing one day and available for streaming the next day is possible only on Extramovies. It usually takes about 30-45 days for a high definition pirated copy to get online and available for users. Pirated copies do get available on various websites the very next day of releasing in theatres but their print or copy is very cheap and difficult to understand.

Also if high definition content is available the very next day then approx 70% of the people may not spend on watching in multiplexes or theatres and this may lead to revenues of movie suffer a great deal.

Although a very strict security is kept by Department of telecommunication preventing the leakage of movies on internet online, still some movies get leaked by various hackers. Due to this leakage of movies online, movie makers suffer a lot of losses and movie artists face so many difficulties.

Can I watch Movies and Tv Shows without Ads on Extramovies now?

You can watch movies and TV shows without Ads on Extramovies once you are registered with the website by creating a free account. As they say there are no free lunches, you can have access to the website content even without registration but you have to then compromise with the advertisements. Ads usually inject malware and various viruses into the internet connected device.

Nobody does charity and provides you content free of cost; everyone is doing something for business. Usually these web owners earn through various advertisements and hence users get pop up advertisements. Number of advertisement click is proportionate to their earnings.

They get paid as per the advertisement clicks of pop ups opened. So users using the website somewhere or the other lead to generation of income for web owners.

Why choose our Website Extramovies to watch online?

There are N numbers of websites available for downloading and streaming movies online; mostly it’s seen that some website provides the option of only downloading while others provide the option of only online streaming.

There are only few who provide with both the options and this includes Extramovies. So there’s a reason to choose Extramovies as it’s a complete package what you are looking for.

Get yourself registered and you can use it without advertisements. Apart from this Extramovies provide you with TV show downloading and streaming as well.

So this website provides movies and TV shows. It can be said as one stop destinations for those who prefer watching content online. Many working professional don’t get much time to watch shows or movies of their choice at the time they get telecasted so they prefer streaming online at the time of their convenience.

All you need is a proper internet connection with good speed to stream a high definition video.

How to watch Movies on Extramovies?

Watching movies on Extramovies.ml is easy and simple you just need to search for you content and the click on your choice or simply use search bar, you are redirected to a different page with options of Stream and downloading in HD and below that a window showing a play button. Just decide whether you want to download or watch online and click the option. You are done.

Enjoy your Movie/TV show. If you are not a registered user, you may need to watch certain advertisements or may be few pop ups come your way but for getting something free you need to keep patience also make sure that you have active internet connection with good speed to stream online any HD video.

Advantages of Watch Movies & TV Shows on Extramovies

There are varies advantages of watching Movies and TV Shows on Extramovies. To list a few:
1. Website is user friendly and simple to understand for a layman.
2. Easy to sort using Genre or year.
3. Variety of content available.
4. High definition free content available.
5. You can either download or stream online as per your choice.
6. Once download the file you can watch it even without the use of Internet.
7. Watching your favorite movies/ shows at the comfort of your home.
8. Pause and play as per your convenience.
9. No Ads and disturbances.
10. Website can be operated from any internet connected device like – Smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop etc